Spring Dresses for Your Shape

My favorite articles of clothing are skirts and dresses. I will choose that any day over a pair of pants or jeans.  I’m okay with wearing jeans and a t-shirt but I feel like a W-O-M-A-N when I wear a dress or skirt.

The femininity associated with wearing a shift is undeniable.  When you find the right style that enhances your shape, confidence and sensuality cannot be contained and can be downright intoxicating , depending on your audience.  I also believe you can assert just as much feminine energy wearing a dress as you can when wearing a pant-suit or slacks.

In my biased opinion, a man cannot compete with, nor can he compare to, a woman wearing a dress.  The draping that barely skims the silhouette of a woman’s body is like giving the (possible) coming attractions to a major motion picture that is Oscarworthy. Yes, you can still tell a story without giving the ending away.

Of course there are different lengths and shapes that frame your curves, but it’s important that you choose one that works best for your body type. If you haven’t noticed, the main Label Addict logos has an a-line dress. That style never fails to flatter my body type and I have a closet full of them.

If I wear it in a formal setting, to a casual Saturday afternoon event or to a business meeting, this shape always makes me feel my best. Depending on where I’m going, I just throw on a blazer, sweater or motorcycle jacket and I’m good to go!

Do you know which style best flatters your shape?

With the Easter weekend soon approaching, you may be looking for the right outfit to wear to brunch or your church on Sunday.  Here are a few little tips that may help you find the right one.

The first body type is the Rectangle or Ectomorph.


Ectomorphs have a thin frame so if this is you,  accentuate the positive.  Ectomorphs usually have slim hips and long legs so they are able to wear styles that not many people can get away with.  These skirts and dresses give the illusion of curves and fuller hips and work best with the ectomorph body-type.


Baroque Print Dress

Baroque Print Dress


The next body shapes are the Pear Shape and Hourglass which in some cases fall under the endomorph category.


They are similar with the exception of the Hourglass being balanced at the top and bottom-half of the body with a smaller waist.  The Pear shaped individual has a tendency to be bottom heavy and smaller in the chest and shoulders.

The Pear should look for dresses that highlight the upper portion of the body like this number here:

Trina Turk Dress

Trina Turk Melinda Dress

Trina Turk Dress

The dress above gives the appearance of broader shoulders to balance out the hips.  The pattern also draws they eyes to the center.

Another great look for the this shape is the flared skirt like this one:

Jonathan Simkhai Flare SkirtJonathan Simkhai Skirt angleHourglass

When dressing for the hourglass shape,  the sweetheart necklines show off your shoulders and accentuates the small waistline.

Halston Heritage Strapless Dress

Halston Heritage Strapless Dress

You could add a belt to cinch and further define the waist.  The hemline is also very flattering and gives movement to the dress.

I am Seriously trying to resist buying this one!

Another dress for the hourglass:

Adrianna Papell Sunray Dress

Adrianna Papell Sunray Dress

Be careful with this one..you won’t get down the block without a few comments.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you when shopping this weekend. If you’re like most people, you’ll be searching for the perfect outfit at the very last minute and at least this quick read will give you some ideas.

If this has helped you, let me know or if you find something this weekend, send a photo and I’ll post it!

Credit: Neiman Marcus/Saks

  • Sharon
    April 29, 2014

    Looking forward to your return. Your suggestions always help me re-use items in my closet that I thought would never pair together well! Thank you for all of your thoughts (the brown and green combination was exactly what I needed :)) See you soon for more fantastic, creative ideas!

    • labeladdict
      May 28, 2014

      Hi SHARON!

      Thank you for sending your positive comment! I will return sooner than you know it! Just working on the new look. Stay tuned!

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